Designers to know: Kai Kristiansen

Designers to know:  Kai Kristiansen

Born in Denmark in 1929, Kai Kristiansen is known as a key figure in Scandinavian furniture design. In 1948 he began studying at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts under Danish architect and designer Kaare Klint, who is considered the “father of modern Danish design.” Klint approached furniture design from a functional perspective, studying the human body and allowing an object’s intended use to lead him to the most logical, clean-cut design. 

Kristiansen later opened his own design studio at just 26 years old, and has still been hands-on in his work as recently as 2021 at the age of 92, according to his website. Working primarily with teak and rosewood, he is perhaps best known for designing the No. 42 chair in 1956, a dining chair that features a pivoting backrest for optimal comfort. 


Kai Kristiansen's No. 42 chair, via


Kristiansen’s Model 54 teak desk is currently available in our store, which features shelving on the front side, a concealed revolving bar compartment, as well as a hidden rotating drawer above the bar. This piece would be a stunning centrepiece in any office, as its unique shape and multi-functionality make it visually intriguing from all angles. 



Model 54 teak desk by Kai Kristiansen



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